All our pieces are handmade in our workshop, by us, in the historical centre of Lucca. Located in Tuscany, Italy, we craft our jewellery using traditional Italian and Florentine techniques and we source all our materials from quality local suppliers.

The Tuscan region was the beating heart of the Renaissance period in Italy. All of us at Ortica still honour this legacy, channelling the beauty of the natural world into all our creations.

Timeless Vintage Design

Our collection of handcrafted artisanal jewellery is inspired by the beautiful and world renowned Tuscan landscapes that surround Lucca. All our pieces are 24k Gold Plated brass and antiqued using traditional Florentine methods. For additional information, please refer to our individual product pages, where we list details on the materials and measurements for each item.

Embracing Sustainability

At Ortica we take the future of our planet very seriously, that is why we have made a few changes to make our boutique more sustainable. Our packaging is made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials, and we offset our carbon footprint by choosing Carbon Neutral for our shipments. Last but not least, our creations are exclusively made to order: this means no precious materials going to waste and happy artisans! 🌿