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Handmade in Italy

The Versilia Necklace (Al Fresco Edition)

The Versilia Necklace (Al Fresco Edition)

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Our limited edition “Al Fresco” capsule is inspired by the serene allure of Tuscany's illuminating natural beauty. Soft yellows and delicate floral designs, the perfect combination for a breezy afternoon under the blooming Tuscan sun. The Versilia Necklace embodies the stretch of Tuscan coastline boasting golden beaches that contrast against neighbouring hills cultivated with olive trees and vineyards. We picture our Versilia girl enjoying a lively night accompanied by writers, artists, and performers at a beachside bar, after a summery carefree day of wandering through the pine groves. This artisanal necklace features a laced floral pendant decorated with a Venetian style glass cabochons in a vintage Tuscan style. The necklace is sized at 457mm with a weight of 2g. The chain is 24K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver.
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All pieces are 24k Gold Plated and Antiqued using traditional Florentine methods. We source all of our materials from quality local suppliers and all our products undergo treatment to protect them from tarnish. To best look after our jewellery we recommend avoiding direct contact with water, alcohol, and various chemical cocktails like perfumes and make up. As all our jewellery is handmade, by us in Tuscany (Italy), the product you receive may differ slightly from the image shown.

Embracing Sustainability

At Ortica we take the future of our planet very seriously, that is why we have made a few changes to make our boutique more sustainable. Our packaging is made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials, and we offset our carbon footprint by choosing Carbon Neutral for our shipments. Last but not least, our creations are exclusively made to order: this means no precious materials going to waste and happy artisans! 🌿